Outfits for Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Ch 24: Pain In Silence

"Alice wants you to call her. Are you feeling alright? I found you some clothes and shit," I say, pointing to the pile on the dresser as I start to stand up from the chair. "They're Rosalie's, so they're probably too big for you, but I figured you'd want to get out of what you had on." Bella looks up at me and nods as I exit the room, leaving her to call Alice. ~ Edward Cullen, Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Ch 24: Pain In Silence

This is what Bella and Edward are wearing when he reaches her at her car.

Outfit details can be found HERE

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Ch 24 Teaser {Written}

She sits up in my bed, clutching the sheet to her frame and I notice that at some point while she was sleeping, she shrugged off the sweater she was wearing when I laid her in bed. Right now, all I can see are the thin straps of a pale tank against her creamy skin. I try to fight the hard on threatening to expose itself through my jeans. Now is not the fucking time. She folds her hands in her lap and leans forward, her hair shielding her face. We sit there for an immeasurable amount of fucking time while I wait for her to speak. The thick silence in the room is driving me fucking crazy.

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Chapter 24 Teasers {Visual}

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Q: A guy insults you. Punch to the neck or kick to the junk? by angrybadgergirl
A: fucking junk punch that motherfucker and then when he's on his knees crying to the fates, clock him in the fucking neck. right in the adams apple. cut his air off. and when he can speak, he better fucking apologize.

Q: What's your favorite cereal? by anonymous
A: lucky charms. magifuckinglydelicious.

Q: How much do you love your reviewers? by anonymous
A: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my reviewers so fucking much. I cherish every word they say. Even the not so nice ones. They keep me on my toes. I wish I could kiss them all.

Q: I think you're pretty awesome. what is your secret? by anonymous
A: No sleep, loads of caffeine, a shitton of sarcasm and a jaded outlook.

Q: Would Santa be a good lay? by jael728
A: Probably not, but his beard would be deliciously tickling.

Outfits for Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Chapter 23: Unguarded

"I could kill Alice. I could brutally murder Alice. I could tie her down and make sure the trains run over her tiny frame. I could strangle her to death. I cannot believe what she picked out for me to wear. She gave me explicit instructions that I was not to open the garment bag until six thirty on Thursday. Standing here looking at the contents of the bag, I want to kill her!" ~ Bella Swan, Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Chapter 23: Unguarded

Outfit Details HERE

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Chapter 23 Teaser {written}

It's mild, but the chapter is anything but. See it on Wednesday...

While dancing with Angela, I look at Edward, and he's watching us with an amused smile on his face. I feel a little unsteady under his gaze, so I grab my drink from the table and take a long drag through the tiny straw before setting it back down and dancing with Angela.

The Gingers play a few more up beat songs before they settle into a slower song. Angela and I both make our way back to our seats, and I plop down next to Edward on the couch with my legs tucked underneath me. In this semi-seated position, I am just about at eye height with him.

"This is really great. Thanks for bringing us up here," I say as I get situated.

"Jasper didn't bring you here for Steal Tease?" Edward asks, confused.

I shake my head no while taking a sip of my drink, causing my hair to spill down across my shoulders and into my face.

"Oh. I use it more anyway. Emmett, too."

"I bet you bring all the girls up here," I say with a ridiculous giggle.

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Chapter 23 Teaser {visual}

(yes, this is Grey Goose)

Outfits for Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Chapter 22: Force

Bella shrugs, then she looks down for a minute as if she's trying to figure something out. Then she pulls her hair back with her hand, gathering it at the base of her neck. This pulls the hair back from where it was resting. Her coat is open and I can see some of her skin is exposed by the collar of her shirt. She looks back at me and I can't believe I have to fucking fight with myself to stop staring at the exposed skin. ~ Edward Cullen, Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Chapter 22: Force 
Full Outfit Details HERE

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Chapter 22: Teaser {Written}


The quicker I move the closer the barks and screams appear to be
. I must be going crazy. The sounds are behind me. I am quickly moving in the opposite direction. I look up and I see a door in front of me. A green door. Instinctively, I go to my pockets to find the keys to the door as if I know I am supposed to enter. I don't have any pockets. I move my hand to my chest to try and calm down the strangled breaths that are escaping and I feel a hard piece of metal around my neck. I grab it and hold it out to my face- a key.

finchè il sole vedrà il tuo viso....

"Edward, sweetie. Wake up."

I wake up suddenly, bolting up right in bed and rubbing my hands over my eyes. "Fucking hell!" I remove my hands from my eyes and I'm met with green eyes; eyes the same color as mine as my mom watches me with concern. We sit there for a minute in silence. She waits for me to turn coherent and I silently hope that she'll leave the room. A wish I know will never happen.

"How long?" she asks softly, handing me a glass of water and a little white pill I am all too familiar with.

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Playlist

Music For Fate & Forgotten Secrets

As you can see to the right, Fate & Forgotten Secrets does have a playlist. I tend to only add the current song to the blog and then update the list below the player.

However, I have updated my MixPod site to be more user friendly and you can see the entire playlist in action.

Some chapters do not have songs assigned to them and some songs are just mentioned in a chapter. Most of the songs are indicative of the mood of a character in the chapter at any given point or overall.

Full Fate & Forgotten Secrets Playlist

My MixPod Profile

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Ch 22: Teaser {Visual}

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