Public Relations Ch 8 TextTease

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I traced my fingers across his back. Marveling as the muscles twitched and jumped at my touch. He stirred slightly and I knew he was starting to wake up. With featherlight touches, I wrote Bella loves Edward on his back. Like something I would have done in middle school. Complete with a heart in between our names, pierced by a rugged arrow. That's how he made me feel. Giddy like an eighth grader whose head and heart swam with new feelings of love.

"Good morning, beautiful," Edward spoke, his voice thick with sleep. I smiled as my eyes met his, drawing me away from the image I mentally drew on his back.

Fuck! He was so damn sexy. Even sexier still because he had no idea. Not a clue.

It was more than fleeting infatuation though. I knew it with every ounce of who I was that I loved him and only him. I was convinced that we were two souls split apart at some infinite point in time who just came back together. We just fit that way, seamlessly. I'd dare someone to argue with me.

"Hey," I smiled back.


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