Outfits for Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Ch 34: Crossover

"Like where?" I ask as I move over to the bed, taking her hand and she stands up. The towel she has on her lap falls to the ground and I notice she only has on a pair of those girl shorts, underwear thingies. I forget what they're called. And...I really don't fucking care right now. ~ Edward Cullen, Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Chapter 34: Crossover

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Chapter 34 TextTease

I wake up startled; my chest feels tight and constricted. I was having a fucking awesome dream about a beautiful girl. My beautiful girl. Laughing, playing, eyes twinkling and skin flushed from the cold. And then wolf-dog came. 

The same one that invades my worst nightmares. He came and wiped the smile off my girl's face and then she was gone. And here I lay, panicked and startled.

I reach over to feel her, but she's not fucking there. I open my eyes as I jump up and look in the spot where I know I held her all night. Didn't I?

Why isn't she here? Where did she go?

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Outfits for Public Relations Ch 5: ERROR!

"Emmett laughed in acceptance and I felt a tinge of pain as I remembered a purple dress Bella had worn one day when we had coffee together. She looked radiant in it. Then again, when hadn't Bella looked stunning?" ~ Edward Cullen, Public Relations, Ch 5: ERROR!

Public Relations Ch 5 TextTease

My phone rang on the counter, interrupting my internal monologue as I jumped at the sound of Edward's ring tone. I leaped up and looked at the screen, but didn't answer. 

I fingered the screen and traced the white letters of his name, wishing I had managed to finagle a picture of him to use for his caller ID. I then watched as his name disappeared from the screen and "five missed calls" took its place.

I checked the log, four were from him and one from Alice. He must have called when I was in the shower. I couldn't call either one of them back; I didn't know what to say. My phone chirped in my hand, letting me know I had a voicemail. Unable to resist and drawn to the sound of his voice, I listened.

Public Relations Ch 5 PicTease

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Outfits (and more) for Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Ch 33: Comfort

"I love you. So much. I think about you every day. See you tomorrow." I kiss my fingers and lay them across their tombstones in a silent gesture of love.

I move back to Edward's side as a single tear rolls down my cheek and he brushes it away with the leather glove he's put on.
~ Bella Swan, Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Ch 34: Comfort


Alice's Burberry Tonal Check Perspex Tote Bag

But she still squealed like a fan girl when she opened the box to reveal the Burberry bag I knew she had her eye on for the last couple of weeks. I kept watching her to make sure she didn't buy it herself because that's how she is. I figure it's a good thing Christmas came because I had just about one more week before she headed to Seattle to get it herself. ~ Bella Swan, Fate & Forgotten Secrets, Ch 34: Comfort

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Chapter 33 TextTease

The ride to the cemetery is eerily silent. It's mid-afternoon and the sun has started to hit the other side of the sky. Edward and I spent the morning together. We had a leisurely, late morning breakfast at the Forks Country Club, courtesy of his dad's membership, and then I went with him to see a man about a gift for Emmett.
The gift turned out to be some customized hunting gear since one of the things Emmett does is go hunting with his dad and uncle. They never actually shoot anything, but go just for sport I guess. Edward started to explain the details of the customization to me and once my eyes glossed over, he just laughed before kissing me soundly.

It's a ride I've done a million times and one I will do again in less than twenty-four hours as part of my Christmas tradition with the Brandons. Only Alice really knows how often I come here. She's found me asleep at the final resting place of my parents more times than I can count.

Edward drives as I guide him through the winding paths of the cramped Forks cemetery. Small population, but I'm sure every resident who has ever died is buried here and over time that adds up.

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Chapter 33 PicTease

Outfits (and more) for Public Relations, Ch 4: Rescheduled

She looked phenomenal. Very sex kitten-like. I reached out a hand to touch her, resting it against her bare left shoulder. She wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned up to capture my mouth with hers. I wasted no time diving in with her. I'd had Bella on my mind for two weeks, but after last night, I couldn't think about anything else. And I was so anxious to touch her again.  ~ Edward Cullen, Public Relations, Chapter 4: Rescheduled

Outfit Details

Bella's Room

For real, the Prohibition Punch is scary

Fenway Park - The Green Monstah!

Public Relations Ch 4 TextTease

We talked afterwards and it wasn't nearly as awkward as I thought it might be and it had nothing to do with me. Bella was just easy in that way. She fell asleep and I watched her. Admittedly, I felt a tad perverted, but I couldn't turn away.
Her breathing was soft, hair strewn about, legs tangled in the sheets. Her sleep was peaceful for the most part. Only occasionally did she turn from her side to her back and then to her side again. At one point during the night, she flopped onto her back and the sheet slid down, exposing one of her perfect breasts to me as she sighed and softly spoke my name just above a whisper. So quiet, I wouldn't have heard it if I wasn't listening intently. I swallowed thickly and fought the primal urge to wrap my hand around my shaft again.
Watching her sleep was perverted enough. I was not going to become a sick, peeping Tom as well.

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