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I don't usually post update-type things here, but I missed my blog. So, I'm jut going to type some stuff to talk about what I'm up to and what's to come.

First, my blog is undergoing renovations in the next few weeks. I won't be locking it and I'll still be up to business as usual, but in case you find yourself a little confused at changes, that's why.

Me around The Fandom...

Cupcake Wars - It's no secret that I'm a cupcake fiend! So I'm super excited to be judging in the Cupcake Wars contest. Voting has already begun and I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

The Cherry Exchange - This is pretty exciting! Edward & Bella are both virgins, and it's the authors job to write about how they exchanged v-cards. October 20th, the exchange opens its doors to start receiving entries. Doors close, November 30th. So that's plenty of time to get something in. I'm a final round judge and I'm pretty anxious to read what people come up with. 

Southern Fan Fiction Review - I'm still over there reviewing and stuff. Come by and say hi.

Onward to news about writing...

Fandom For Preemies - I'm contributing a one-shot for this cause. For a $5 minimum donation, you can receive a compilation from many contributing authors who have already signed up. Like: AndyMCope, breakfastatbella's, dontrun, elusivetwilight, KitsuShel, Nitareality and me! I've already turned my piece in, it's an outtake for F&FS, but I'm not saying what the subject is...

Donation instructions.

Fandom Gives Back - kartastrophe and DPattinson bought me in The Fandom Gives Back Auction over the summer. 

kartastrophe has requested a plot bunny separate from anything I have already written. I will be completing it soon and sending it to her. It will be posted on my TWCS and FFn profiles eventually. 

DPattinson is requesting an F&FS outtake or futureshot, which she hasn't chosen yet and may come after F&FS is done.

New Projects - I have two ideas already in the works, in my head mostly. One is based on the music of the band Paramore and the other is based on nothing but random thoughts that popped into my head. Neither of these will post until F&FS is done.

Fate & Forgotten Secrets - F&FS has about 6 chapters or so left, not including an epi(s). I've mapped them out, but sometimes my characters get away with things, which is why I can't give a definite number. There are a couple pending outtakes/futureshots/sideshots that may come out after I check that complete box. 

When F&FS is complete, I'm taking a wee break. I'll still be around, just taking some time before I start posting new projects. 

I think that is all.


book blogs...

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