Book Review: Black Silk by Jan Gordon

Black SilkBlack Silk by Jan Gordon
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

If Black Silk had been written by a different, more experienced author, I think it could have been much better. Unfortunately it fell victim to lack of plot development, excessive sex scenes, anticlimactic climax, and a hanging ending.

In less than a week Cole and Vic are going from strangers to mated for life, which may make sense for him seeing as how he is over a century old and might be ready to settle down. But Vic is 29 and has only had one lover in her life, and a terrible one at that. So here we are with the typical virginal, damsel and the mysterious man with his supernatural man prowess that sweeps her up. There really isn't much to him other than that. I wish there had been more exploration into his character, his family, his past, and what he is. Not just summary explanations given in a game of twenty questions. The author relied too heavily on Vic's recreational experience with Paranormal fiction to help explain away concerns a normal person would have in the face of a man who turns into a were-panther in front of her.

I wanted Vic and Cole to end up together, but I wanted there to be more story to it. I wanted the mystery of their history and the drug-user trolling after Vic to take the forefront and the romance to sneak up on you or at least play side by side. Instead, it was just like reading some genres of fanfiction. Cheesy romance lines and sex first, girl unable to help herself second, story in a distant third. In the end, I was left sorely disappointed.

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