Book Review: Cataclysm by C.L. Parker (Supernova #2)

Cataclysm (Supernova Saga, #2)Cataclysm by C.L. Parker
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Faced with an evil that just won’t quit, Dominic, Kerrigan and their group of friends are bombarded with new challenges and find themselves pitted to dodge fresh obstacles.

Unable to keep his younger brother, Colton, out of harms way, Dominic must find a way to keep him safe from harm. It’s a battle of wills, as Colton, who works on sound logic and reasoning, doesn’t latch onto the mystical aspects of Dominic’s life as easily. This leaves him exposed and vulnerable to the unknown. On top of that, Kerrigan and Dominic must learn to navigate the burgeoning passion in their lives for one another, while the evil that lurks and even benevolent forces threaten to use it against them.

Ladled with dark seduction, heroism and a dash of humor, Cataclysm marches Dominic and Kerrigan forward into the greatest battles they have yet to face. Will their journey as a couple tear them apart or bind them inexplicably? The truth about their past and the scope of their futures become revealed as intertwined and bound together by threads of both light and dark.

As puzzle pieces fall where they belong to “as normal as their abnormally exceptional lives allow them to be,” our band of misfit friends will forge unlikely alliances and make big sacrifices for the pursuit of love and the Light.

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