Book Review: Brooklyn Burning by Steve Brezenoff

Brooklyn, Burning Brooklyn, Burning by Steve Brezenoff
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My true rating for this book is 3.5 stars. It falls short of 4 because I feel as though the story is written with a building momentum that is never fulfilled. I kept waiting for something, what I'm not sure, but whatever it was, it never came. Or maybe it was the transient nature of the gender neutral-no last name characters that didn't fully ground me. Now that I'm finished, I don't feel sated. However, it tasted good as I went through each chapter.

While the transient nature of the characters was a little off putting, anything more would not have worked for this story. It's about the nature of summer, that unpredictable time of transition where anything goes and usually does, and it's rarely the same from one to the next. School age kids live for summer, so telling the story from Kid's perspective is perfect. At that tender age of 15 to 16 he's trying to figure out who he is, and even though it would be easier if an adult would just tell him he'll be wondering that for the rest of his life, they let him think he's on his own. Except he's not.

I liked how Steve Brezenoff shows you both Kid's love of Felix and his for Scout, because it allows you to see the difference from his own mind as he remembers it. He was enamored with Felix, his talent, what he represented, this "thing" that Felix had. Superficial, transient, like Summer. With Scout, it meant more. Kid loved Scout and she loved him in return. A mutual love that grew out of the nestled haze of Summer, that will linger long after the sun sets. To me, it was more evident in the way they shared the music together than anything. They flowed so perfectly without effort, like a natural team. No shyness or hesitation. It could be no other way.

I'm willing to admit that my expectation of something more probably comes from years of reading over-dramatic fiction, because I have no other valid reason for giving this book less than 4 stars. I liked that there was no pretty epilogue tying it all up in a nice bow, I didn't need to see them as college sweethearts or doing a Eurotour. I appreciate that things were left chaste between them, it was sweet and respectful, because it's never been about that. And I'm glad Kid can walk away with a clear conscience about the fire at the warehouse.

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Book Review: Resurrection by Boone Brux

Resurrection (A Bringer and the Bane Novel, #1)Resurrection by Boone Brux
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

 I'm usually annoyed by a romance that flourishes so quickly, but in this instance I barely felt a tinge of that standard roar against cliche. I think it had a lot to do with two things. 1) Ravyn, having been raised by heartless Abbey mistresses never knew a kindness. Never mind the kindness of a man. Being exposes to that at an adult age of 23, natural feelings are bound to surface. Feelings a worldly 23 year old wouldn't be able to ignore, let alone one experiencing such sweet sensations for the first time ever. My one gripe here comes to her somewhat natural ease when it comes to intimacy. For a sheltered girl in a chaste age of the world, I think a little more trepidation and naivete should be in order. 2) Rhys is almost stuck in a similar situation. Virginal, no. More like a vow to loneliness, which is worse since it's self-imposed. He's drawn to Ravyn by his natural Bringer skill to protect and their deeper bond as a sort of last of their race anchors them deeply. Then add his physical attraction to her and proximity and his vow is threatened. He doesn't want to be alone and I understand that, Boone Brux does a good job explaining his battle of duty vs want. Hopefully he'll realize that putting the two is separate compartmentalized boxes is only hurting his cause.

Here's the best part, though. The book has a plot! It's not just lustful looks and torrid touches. There's this make believe land and forces of good and evil that fight amongst themselves as well as against each other; it really does make me wonder who is going to win in the end. The story itself has an old-world, pre-Knight scheme that lends itself to this kind of tale. Regal ships, flying demons, mutton, women only wearing gowns, and legends long lost because those who knew of them are long gone and Google hasn't been invented.

Overall, I liked this book. Like, I actually enjoyed it. I hope that as the series progresses it continues to build, explore and solve the mysterious puzzle pieces. Like the second wave of pure blood Bringers arriving at Inness, the immortal weapons forged to defeat the Demon Bane, and who was the lady with the dark braid who captured Ravyn's attention at Illuma Grand? Who on the Council is in league with the Bane? There's no way they're ALL good - I'm not convinced any of them are. Is Rhys going to remove his head from his ass or will someone have to do it forcefully? Why is Ravyn so special and what is she exactly? Sooo many questions, and I look forward to what Brux has in store. I think if she takes the Hansel and Gretel route, laying out breadcrumbs to be recovered on the way back, this will turn out to be a well done series in the end.

Also, I wish I could give 1/2 stars, because I would give 3 1/2.

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It's so funny. When I started all this, I never thought anyone would ever read anything I wrote. And even if no one is reading this blog post, I'm going to write it anyway. Because I usually do. That's how I roll.

It started with one story, Fate & Forgotten Secrets, then turned into a blog about all my fanfiction. At some point I started to randomly post opinion pieces, commentary on topics like anonymity and absurdity the original Eclipse trailer. Now, it's all that and more.

You can find my original fiction here and reviews on things I read, main books but possibly articles at some point as well. I'm not sure how this evolution took place. I think some credit has to go to my friend Julieblys, though. When I visited her in February we talked about how I wanted to make a blog where I could put things other than my fanfiction, but how I didn't feel committed to it because I loved my snshyne secret's blog so much. She said to me, "so don't make a new one. When you're ready, add it all to 'SS'. That is you!"

I'm not trying to make a name for myself in the literary world. Fairies know that every one and their god children are making review blogs and writing manuscripts these days. Even if I was trying to do something with it, it's virtually impossible without a pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. I just like this stuff. Writing is an outlet, even the really bad stuff I come up with, and reading is fun; it's saved me on more than one occassion. I like to share my thoughts on what I read but there isn't always someone around, so posting a "review" is the next best thing.

My personal life is shifting. I'm busting free of the hell of Corporate (read "control") America and heading back to school, so I have absolutely no clue what the structure of my life will be like. Regardless, I won't give this up. I can't, I refuse. One thing I've learned is it's important to keep ahold of every piece of happiness you can scrape up in the world.

Will I continue writing fanfic? I plan to.

Will I write anything original? Maybe. Probably, mostly drabbly, rambling things.

Will I review everything I read? Not bloody likely, but definitely things that leave an impression.

P.S. this picture cracked my shit up!

New Chapters of Behind Closed Doors

yay! Thanks to agoodwitchff and LyricalKris I remembered I could upload my two BCD chapters written for Fandom Fights Mental Illness and Fandom Fights Tsunami.

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