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Konstantine, An Introduction

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FBG piece for kartastrophe. Prompt: Konstantine by Something Corporate. Edward met Bella sixteen years ago, on a Thursday. He adored her and she looked up to him until he was gone and she was left alone. But some connections can't be severed. ExB M AH

The Idea:

I was purchased by kartastrophe in the Fandom Gives Back Eclipse Edition. She gave me three songs to choose from for this prompt. At the moment, I can't remember the other two, but the first choice was Konstantine by Something Corporate. It was her first choice and since this was her purchase, I was going to do my best to give her what she wanted.

I listened to the song on a particularly long and rainy Friday on repeat as I drove around. While listening, I felt overwhelmingly somber and yet hopeful by the time the song ended. Having nothing, then being gifted with more than you can imagine and still missing that small comfort. The song inspired me to write about life happening to you and finding everything you need in that life, but not having a damn clue. 

So I give you Orphanward...

book blogs...


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