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Little Miss Sunshine, An Introduction

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SUMMARY: Written for TwiFic Pics Pick A Pic Contest. "He wasn't sure if it was
the slowly setting sun in the background or if she was actually glowing, but
there was a bright quality about her." Edward has spent over a year in the
dark and Bella is his sunshine.


THE IDEA: I know, I know. I said no more contests, no more challenges, no more non-F&FS. But I have this little problem where I can justify anything to myself. So setting limits is pretty pointless.

I was on twitter, as usual, and saw TwiFic Pics tweet about their Pick-A-Pic Challenge. Silly me got curious and clicked the link. I scrolled through the photos rather quickly with no intention to do anything but look. And then, #24 (shown) above, caught my eye. Immediately, I knew I was going to make Bella all-the-time-happy. How? I have no fucking clue. But Edward, he needed to be pulled from the shadows. What shadows? Go see...

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